Lovely Kerala--working hard in God's own country?

    For the last week, I have been in  the city of Cochin in Kerala,  working  very hard with my partner Mathew on numerous new projects that we are developing.
    Some of what we are making is being made with ayurvedic cloth and some is being created with other fabric from south India. Samples of the new products are nearing "ready" and  will  start to appear in the posts following this one.
     For the moment, here are pics of Cochin in Kerala, officially known in India as "God's Own Country".For many centuries Kerala  was the center of the spice trade in India and beyond. Because of the abundance and variety of fragrant spices here, over the centuries Kerala has been invaded from all over the planet. In addition to the British Raj, the Portugese, Jews, Chinese, Arabs and many others have come here to stake their claim. All of their influences are seen in the architecture and design here. Here are a few interior and exterior shots to start... many more will follow in the next few days.