All India all the time

I wont be in India  much longer...about 10 days or so.
I know I wont feel like posting on this blog after I return to the USA so in the interest of making the most of it, I am just going to start posting pics (some with captions).
If you have any questions about the photos, or want to see more of anything, let me know. I have taken over 3000 pictures on this trip! I am mentally drowning in JPGS !
By the way, today was Independence Day in India....yet another holiday in India.
As you probably know, India has an insane amount of holidays. It is pretty much a holiday somewhere in India almost  every day.   Why not?
In Kinari Market in Delhi I took a rickshaw (you cant take a car in those literally packed streets) and you dont want to walk (especially alone!) I was able to film my rickshaw ride in stealth--thanks to my IPAD!  Although the photos arent great (as usual) I did get to snap some fabulous looks including this hair- style trend- setter. More amusing characters to follow!
For those of us who aspire to organization and routines, it is not good news. It means increased chaos-- if that is possible, increased traffic and increased unpredictability and dysfunction in every realm. Oh well. As the expats and natives say, "T I I "--THIS IS INDIA.