Glittering Gem Palace

The legendary Gem Palace in Jaipur is the most famous jewelry store in India.  Maybe the world. It  has been selling to Queens and Kings for many generations. Now they sell all over the planet, including at our beloved Barney's in Beverly Hills.
Even if you dont really care about jewelry (like me!), a trip to Gem Palace is always worthwhile; it is one of the most astonishing things in India.  The sheer quantity of the jewels and gold, and the  laissez-faire attitude with which the shop operates is stunning. At least one of the owners is always there and they welcome you like their longtime friend and of course bring you tea. All of their jewelry cabinets are left wide open or unlocked and, and you are free, and actually ENCOURAGED to open up however many cabinets you like,  take out all the gems and try them on. The place is a little tatty and run-down, but cool, and not contrived. Big fun and a fantastic brief refuge from the blazing Rajhastan sun.
One of the owner's "Sanjay" has an very attractive and charming young son who is now  working in the business. The son is half-Italian and was raised in Italy. This summer a couple of his friends from Italy are interning at the Gem Palace. Now that's an internship. 
I had some fun with the Italians because of course they love my  IPAD -- I am very popular here with my IPAD 2. ...see the video below.
By the way, I HAVENT SEEN ONE OTHER IPAD SINCE I ARRIVED almost 2 months ago....plenty other things, but not those.  And the coveting stares I get when they see mine---you can only imagine. Time to buy more APPLE STOCK????