Learning to meditate at Sadhguru's Ashram

I am now at the Ashram of Sadhguru (the "Isha Foundation") in southern India. I came here to learn to meditate, and get healthy, and to visit my friend, Doris, who comes here often.
The Ashram has beautiful grounds and is much more luxurious than I ever imagined an Ashram would be.
I have my own  spacious, air-conditioned room , which is very chic (it was decorated by Doris!). It has an Indo-Californa feel-- almost entirely white  except for lots of pretty colorful fabric pillows.
The food here  is fantastic...You can eat entirely "raw" or go on a vegetarian cooked diet while here. could subsist alone on the fresh Mango juices I am devouring each day. I guess I am not going to lose much weight.
  Everybody is  warm and welcoming here, even if it is obvious that I am new to this world, and not making the most committed effort to embrace it. The "swamis" and "mas"-- the people who live here and work for Sadhguru-- are always ready to help in every way-- whether to teach OM chanting or to get my cell phone re-charged. It is such a safe, sweet world here that I can see how the outside world might be jarring when I leave on Saturday.