Chilling in Delhi?

A little bit of monsoon graces over-heated Delhi this morning
Not so sure chillin' is a good description of what I am doing in Delhi, where it is has been inhumanly hot. But I have recovered from my 40+ hour haul here (the scenic route!?!) and about to head to JAIPUR tonight. The electricity has been working seemlessly, and Delhi-ians are rejoicing this morning at the little bit of monsoon that has graced them.
YESTERDAY was an important Muslim holiday--"EID"-which marks the end of the Muslim month of  fasting.  On Eid Muslims (who are not making their annual pilgrimage to Mecca to mark the holiday) celebrate by giving Zakat  -- sacrifice an animal and distributing its meat amongst family, friends and the poor.
Everybody can eat again during the day, and are generally more energetic and in a better mood. YAY!